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Real Estate Yard Sign, 18" x 24"
cheap Real Estate Yard Signs
Real Estate Sign, 24" x 24"

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Real estate yard signs are printed on durable corrugated chloroplast, either 18" x 24" or 24" x 24". Riders are also available, 6" X 18" or 6" x 24". These signs are printed on both sides with your design. Prices for the signs are listed below.

Real Estate Yard Signs, Cheap Economy Style

Cheap Real Estate Yard Signs, Impressive Lawn ICONS

These cheap signs are inserted into the steel frames. These signs may also be displayed with a wire stand.

18" x 24" Two Sides
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
1-3 Call
6 22.45 23.44
12 14.99 15.99
25 6.79 9.37
50 5.56 6.05
100 2.85 3.91
250 2.40 3.38
24" x 24" Two Sides
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
1-3 Call
5 Call
10 Call
25 7.19 10.60
50 5.29 6.70
100 3.99 5.00
250 3.45 4.20

For Sign Sizes:

No Riders
no riders


6" Top Rider
6 in. top rider


6" Bottom Rider
6 in. bottom rider

RS - American Steel

6" Top & Bottom Riders
6 in. top and bottom riders

RS - American Steel

18" x 24"
24" x 24"
115 515

Minimum orders are for a quantity of 6, and orders must be in multiples of 6.

Production time is normally 10 working days.


Drop in round rod frameMC
For 18" x 24" signs: $31.62
Drop in round rod frameMC
For 24" x 18" signs: $35.40

For orders less than quantity of 5, please add $5 handling charge. Discounts on quantities of 12 or more.

Metal Stake
Heavy Duty Steel Stake $9.95 each

Other costs:

Artwork fee: $25 (non-refundable, to be paid before any artwork is started)
Chloroplast colors other than white: Contact us for color availability and additional charge.
Shipping: Contact us for actual prices.

The artwork fee must be paid before we begin working on the artwork proof. All other costs are due before the signs are printed.

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Real Estate Signs

12" x 24" Directional Real Estate Signs - Printed on both sides of one piece of plastic sign. Call for 2 pieces glued.
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
15 Call Call
25 7.43 8.76
50 4.20 5.35
100 2.70 3.72
250 1.82 2.40
500 1.59 2.24
Directional Sign

Directional Sign

6" x 18" Real Estate Sign Riders, 1 color, two sided. Cheap Prices

10 $5.95
25 $4.15
50 $2.99
Real Estate Name Rider
Name Rider 6" x 18" or 6" x 24"
6" x 24" Real Estate Sign Name Riders, 1 color, two sided
10 $6.33
25 $4.45
50 $3.15


T-bar real estate sign stake

T-bar Steel Stakes: $8.45 each


Plastic Wing Nut

Plastic Wing Nut: 43 cents each

Magnet Signs

Real Estate Key Fobs

Strategic real estate sign riders placement in highly traveled areas will quickly raise your name recognition and familiarity. A person seeing a multitude of cheap real estate yard signs on a repetitive basis can significantly raise consciousness of your business in the minds of people. Use signs to help drill your name into their minds.

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