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Design your own bumper sticker -- Custom Made! Wholesale Prices!

We offer the following prices on custom made campaign bumper stickers. For additional information or to place an order, contact us at email or call 321-253-0424.

First-time Campaign Customers: First-time customers take an extra 5% off the price of your bumper sticker order. Reduce the price of the below table by 5%, limited to the first 2,500 stickers.

Special offer! Take another 5% off bumper stickers when you buy $250 or more of another product. Total discount possible is up to 10% off the below bumper sticker prices. Cheapest price on the internet. For other products: Home (Yard Signs)

Bumper Sticker Pricing - Price is per personalized bumper sticker.

Size Bumper Sticker 125 250 500 1000 1500 2500 5000 10,000 15,000
7.5"x3.75" #ST501 One Color 1.78 1.12 .68 .44 .38 .28 .20 .15 .12
Each Add'l Color 1.05 .56 .30 .18 .13 .10 .06 .04 .03
11.5"x3" #ST502 One Color 1.67 1.00 .65 .43 .39 .30 .23 .17 .14
Each Add'l Color 1.05 .56 .30 .18 .13 .10 .06 .04 .03
11.5"x3.75" #ST503
One Color 1.80 1.14 .73 .49 .42 .34 .25 .20 .17
Each Add'l Color 1.16 .64 .36 .20 .15 .10 .07 .05 .03
15"x3.75" #ST505 One Color 1.80 1.13 .75 .53 .45 .40 .30 .25 .21
Each Add'l Color 1.16 .64 .36 .20 .15 .10 .07 .05 .03
9.25"x2.5" #ST519 One Color 1.56 .94 .61 .40 .31 .23 .17 .14 .10
Each Add'l Color 1.03 .56 .30 .18 .14 .10 .05 .03 .02

An artwork fee of $20 is due before artwork begins. Pay by credit card today and let us get started on your bumper stickers!

Cheap Bumper Sticker -- Cheapest Advertising

Remember, first-time customers receive 5% off above bumper sticker prices. Buy another product of $250, and take another 5% off above prices to receive a 10% discount on your bumper stickers, up to the first 2500 pieces. Buy a second product of $250 and take an additional 5% off for a 15% discount on up to 2500 bumper stickers. Make your own bumper stickers. We help you custom design your cheap political bumper sticker.

Personalized Custom Designed Bumper Stickers

Your unique custom design bumper sticker advertising, election bumper stickers, and patriotic internet magnetic stickers.

Create your own personal custom made campaign bumper stickers and quality designed bumper decals at wholesale prices. Your bumper sticker printer provides speedy service for removable political bumper decals and for magnetic bumper stickers. We specialize in election campaign bumper sticker magnets, designer decals, and conservative bumper stickers. From a conservative bumper sticker printer.

Imprint Colors:

5% Discount Bonus on Bumper Sticker Magnets. Order at least 500 Bumper Stickers, and get up to a 5% discount on Custom Bumper Magnetic Stickers, must be ordered with same style and same time. Make your own custom Sticker Magnets, you design. Bumper Magnet Stickers

Other Campaign Product Ideas

Use Colors to add power to a bumper sticker

More colors create more power. Using at least two or more colors creates a more powerful impact. Yes, the second color costs more, but the second color greatly improves the power and impact of the sign. The second color should not be viewed as a cost but an investment in a powerful advertising message. Always pick pleasing colors. The two most common colors are the colors of the American flag, red, white and blue. Other two color combination bumper stickers can also be powerful. Certain shades of red and green, or blue and yellow can make a bumper sticker with great impact.

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