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Special - up to 15% off the list price of all vinyl stickers, decals, and bumper stickers listed on this page. Take a 5% discount on your first sticker order with us. Buy another item with a value of $250 or more and take an additional 5% discount off of these sticker prices. Buy a second item from us with a value of $250 or more and receive another 5% discount on your stickers. A total discount of 15% off our list prices of stickers is available, up to the first 2,500 stickers. Contact us for more details.


Design Your Own Bumper Stickers

We have low prices on bumper stickers for your political campaign, business or special message. These decals are cheap advertising. For additional information or to place an order, contact us at or (321) 253-0424.

We help you with your design and to create your own bumper sticker. Create your own design.

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You will find that 25% to 30% of your supporters will place your cheap bumper sticker on their car. The objection of many people is that stickers are hard to remove and leaves a sticky film behind. To over come their objection, you can tell them that bumper stickers by the Bumper Sticker Printer, Heritage Advertising, uses removable bumper stickers that do not leave the sticky film. Furthermore, you can use the new magnetic bumper stickers that are easily and quickly removed.

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Magnetic Bumper Stickers

Magnetic Bumper Stickers are a great substitute for political bumper stickers. We help you create your own sticker magnet design.

Bumper magnetic signs and cheap bumper stickers add power and for real punch to your campaign, put a lot of them out at one time. This takes organization, and getting a lot of people together on one weekend! The effects of political advertising is profound.

Bumper magnetic stickers are cheap advertising for politicians and businesses. A great solution for temporary needs, yet durable and long lasting too! These are easier to remove than regular bumper stickers. No more worry about leaving a sticky residue on your bumper! Printed on .030" magnetic material, these car magnetic bumper stickers have a powerful custom magnet grip.

Bumper Sticker Maker

Make Bumper Stickers - Discount Prices

The bumper sticker maker is known to make quality products and offer cheap discount prices. We also believe that honesty is the best policy.

Car stickers first appeared in the 1920s when a bumper message was attached to a bumper. The Ford Model A, was the first car with bumpers that could have a message attached. The Model A replaced the original Model T in 1927. The first sticker messages were attached with wires to hold it to the bumper. It was said that Forest Gill a silkscreen printer from Kansas City first introduced the decal sticker. Forest Gill was said to have used a pressure sensitive adhesive to the back of a vinyl material. This did make the bumper sticker more practical and easy to attach. Bumper stickers as we know it first became popular just before World War II. Forrest Gill holds the distinction of being the first "Bumper Sticker Printer".

Car Bumper Stickers

Make Internet Car Bumper Stickers - Discount Prices

Don't just think it, stick it! Express yourself on your car, wall, laptop, or any surface you can think of with your own car custom bumper sticker. Add your own sayings, designs, photos, or logos and choose from hundreds of fonts and background colors. The perfect way to make sure your message gets through.

Bumper Stickers

Lowest Prices on Internet or Anywhere

We have the popular removable bumper sticker and sticker magnets.

Take away their excuse for not advertising your campaign.

Order at least 500 Bumper Stickers, and get a discount on Magnetic Bumper Stickers with same style and imprint ordered at the same time.

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School Bumper Stickers

Make School Bumper Stickers - Inexpensive Prices

"What are YOU looking for in Your School Bumper Stickers?" We asked hundreds of customers that question, from big corporate clients with billions of dollars in annual sales, to small businesses and community groups looking for a cost-effective promotional method. The answers were revealing... Low Prices. When you order from us, you get low prices, especially when ordering multiple products. Need design ideas? No problem - simply tell us what you need and we'll design your sticker.

Custom Parking Permits

Wanting to validate parking at your company or next event? Custom parking decals are just the thing you need! With our low-priced, high-quality parking decals, you can ensure that your parking will be organized. Available in several styles, our custom printed parking decals can be made specifically to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for parking stickers for windows or hang tag decals for mirrors, we have what you need when it comes to custom printed parking validation

Custom Stickers and Decals

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We also have the new bumper sticker magnets.

A bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles - although they are often stuck onto other objects. Most bumper stickers are about 3 in by 11 in and are often made of PVC. Contact us for bumper sticker printing of political bumper stickers, event stickers, business stickers, school stickers, any kind of sticker. You will find that we offer competitive prices on the internet.

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