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Contemporary Classic
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Real Estate Sign Posts Traditional Colonial (Discontinued)

1. Contemporary Swing Post Style
This is the contemporary classic style also called "Coldwell-Banker" swing post design with the curved top. A popular discount price real estate post that is also called the classic post. Stock always on hand.

2. Traditional Colonial Swing Post Style
This is the traditional cross-arm swing post style, sometimes called "Colonial" swing post. No longer in stock.

The above Swing Post sign holders are a high quality sign bracket made from 1" square tube. This unit is a breakdown two piece design to allow for easy transport. The top section detaches from the base with a quick release button.

These units will also accommodate riders. We have placed special threaded inserts that allow a standard rider to be attached to the cross arm. The rider panels are held in by thumbscrews. The inserts are recessed so there are no awkward studs sticking up to snag and scratch other items during transport. This is a quality made real estate sign post.

The main sign panel attaches to the post by means of special "U" clips that snap into the frame.

We pack 5 units to a carton for UPS shipping. Our special designed shipping cartons securely hold the frames and tops in place during transit.

Real Estate Posts
Quantity - Cost per Each
Contemporary Classic Swing Posts $36.75
Traditional Colonial Real Estate Sign Posts $- - -
Cost per each. Order in multiples of 5. Order 25 or more and get a discount per swing post.

Portable Sign Frames (Click Here to View) Real Estate Sign Frames

Real Estate Steel Stakes


Two options for the same great T bar stake: 42" tall with either a 10" cross bar or an 18" cross bar. Made with 3/4" angle iron construction. # holes on vertical and two holes on 3/4" flat top bar for sign mounting. Notch at top of stake protects flute wires from bending. Black powder coat finish.

Order in multiples of 12 pieces.


The "T" bar stake is one of the most popular stakes in the market today. We use 3/4" angle for the shaft and foot push. The strap at the top is 1/8" x 3/4" flat strip, 17.5" long.

The kick-bar is welded, and the T strap is welded on to the shaft (no flimsy rivets). The shaft has a series of slots that run the length of the shaft to accommodate many panel sizes.

These are boxed 12/carton for UPS shipments.

Choose between 42" and 48" tall.


The "Wishbone" stake is unique in that the stake will accommodate almost any panel size. The shaft is made from two 3/8" rod bars running parallel to each other. Simply bolt your panel to the top strap and then run your nut/bolt between the bars/sign panel and tighten - no holes to try and match up with!

These stakes are made from 3/8" round rod with a 3/4" wide steel strap welded to the top. The top strap is 17.5" long.

42" tall. Shipped in quantities of 12 for Wishbone Stakes.
Also have 48" tall.


The workhorse of the sign industry, these angle stakes are a staple for any sign store. These stakes are made from strong 3/4" angle with a double welded foot-push. There is a series of slots punched into the shaft for panel attachment.

Packed 12/carton for UPS shipping.

Choose among 3', 4', and 5' tall.

Security Stakes Security Stake Security Sign Stake SECURITY STAKE

These lightweight security stakes are made of Galvanized Steel for years of use.

The stakes are formed into a channel shape that is 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2, with the face being 1/2". The stakes come in sizes 30" and 36" tall, and are boxed in multiples of 12. Minimum order is 100 stakes. Please note: 36″ stakes are custom made.

These are ideal for security firms or anywhere you need a small sign to put around the house or building.

The stakes have two holes drilled into the face for use with self tapping screws. Double sided tape can also be used. The ends are mitered for ground insertion.

Real Estate Steel Stakes * American Steel
Quantity - Cost per Each  
MC T-Bar Stake 42 Inches with 10" Cross Bar   $11.68
MC T-Bar Stake 42 Inches with 18" Cross Bar   $12.78
RS T-Bar Stake 42 Inches 17.5" Cross Bar*   $9.70
RS T-Bar Stake 48 Inches 17.5" Cross Bar*   $9.90
Wishbone Stake 42 Inches* 615 $12.00
Wishbone Stake 48 Inches* 615 $12.00
Angle Stake 3 Foot* 615 $11.00
Angle Stake 4 Foot* 615 $12.00
Angle Stake 5 Foot* 615 $13.00
Security Stake 30 Inch* (minimum order: 100 stakes) 518 $3.30
Security Stake 36 Inch* (minimum order: 100 stakes) CUSTOM ORDER   CALL
Heavy Duty Realtor Steel Stake mc/619 $10.15
Plastic Tough-Stakes pl/619 $13.10
Cost per each. Order in multiples of 12 or 50 bulk pack.
Wishbone Stakes shipped in multiples of 12.
Plastic Tough-Stakes shipped in multiples of 10.
Call for larger quantity discounts of 50 or more, we will cut you a deal.
Call us on a slow day, we will give discounts to get you motivated to get your check book out.

RS115 / MC613

Metal Stake
Heavy Duty Realtor Steel Stake $9.95 each
33 inches tall, made from heavy duty 3/4 angle iron.
      Real Estate Plastic 
Plastic Tough-Stakes, shown with mounting holes
Realtor Sign Posts Very strong, pound into the ground with sledge hammer and long lasting as steel.

Plastic Wing Nuts

Plastic Wing Nut

Plastic Wing Nut: 43 cents each

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