Personalized Hand Fans for Your Event

Whatever your printing needs are for Hand Fans, Heritage Advertising offers many different styles and designs of Hand Fans to fill any need. Not sure which fan will work best for your needs? Give us a call and discuss your printing needs with us and we will recommend a fan to fit your needs. We have Church Fans, Campaign Fans, Wedding Fans, Sandwich Fans. Many fans are available with beautiful stock designs printed on the front with your custom impring on the back side to make designing your fan easier. We also offer many styles of fans for a completely custom printed hand fan. Whether you need a 1-side custom imprint, 2-sides, or even a sandwich fan, we have them all!

Personalized Hand Fans

Sample Handfans with Customized Message

A popular fan for when you need only a few colors printed. Many different shapes available.

Full Color Hand Fans

Best Seller - Full Color Hand Fan

A low cost fan allowing up to full-color imprint on either 1-side or 2-sides of the fan. This is our best selling fan!

Inspirational Religious Fans

Inspirational Religious Fans

Beautiful inspirational stock designs of our most popular Religious Fans. Large selection of designs available.

Heavy Duty Church Fans

Heavy Duty Church Fans

A more durable Church Fan with beautiful stock designs printed on a thicker card stock. Large selection of designs available.

Church Fans

Church Handheld Fans

More Church Fan designs with wooden handles stapled, not glued.

Fans with Scenic and Still Life Designs

Scenic and Still Life Scenes on Hand Fans

Pre-designed Hand Fans available with beautiful stock design scenes.

Political Campaign Hand Fans

Political Campaign Hand Fans

Popular campaign designs for political Hand Fans.

Patriotic Hand Fans

Hand Fans with Patriotic Designs

Predesigned Patriotic Hand Fans allow for your custom imprint on the back of these fans.

Wedding Fans

Wedding Fans with Handles Wedding Fans with Tassles Expandable Wedding Fans

Wedding Hand Fans are a favorite to use in place of programs. Wedding fans are available with handles, tassles or fold-out.

Paper Hand Fans without Stick Handles

Hand Fans without Stick Handles

Hand Fans without sticks are available in many different shapes. Optional tassel available.

Other Printed Fans Available Also

Hand Fans for other types of fans we offer, including corrugated plastic fans.

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Hand Fan History

This wonderful accessory has spanned throughout history for both fashion and functional purposes.

In history their uses were moderated within strict court etiquette and ceremonial customs. It has been said that the Chinese were the first to paint designs upon the hand fan. The hey-day of fans was during the 18th century among both men and women. Men's fans were distinguished with bugs in the decoration; maybe a mosquito or beetle painted somewhere in the scene denoted the fan belonged to a man. Queen Victoria discouraged the use of fans among men during the 19th century, which probably explains why we only think of heavily corsetted women using them.