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Use Colors to increase power of lawn yard signs

Using at least two colors creates a more powerful impact when using lawn yard signs. Yes, the second color costs more, but the second color greatly improves the power and impact of the sign. The second color should not be viewed as a cost but an investment in a powerful advertising. Always pick pleasing colors. The two most common colors are the colors of the American flag, red, white and blue. Other two color combination yard signs can also be powerful. Certain shades of red and green, or blue and yellow can make a cheap lawn yard sign with great impact. Stop sign red color should never be used alone, unless you pick a pleasing color red, like "Crimson Red". "Stop Sign Red" is a very negative color when used alone. The exception to this rule is when you want a negative result. For example, a lawn yard sign that says, "No New Taxes" will have its greatest impact if the color is red. Red will cause people to have a negative view of taxes.

Lawn Yard Signs Colors

Your lawn yard signs should be in harmony with a common color combination of other advertising items like handouts, brochures, etc. Red placed with blue has a very powerful and positive effect. The most profound if done correctly. We will be glad to help you in color selection in your advertising campaign lawn signs. There are other color combinations, other than red, white, and blue that affect your customer in a positive way.

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