Bumper Magnetic Stickers

Your friend's car can be changed into an advertising moving billboard. Bumper sticker magnetics are inexpensive advertising for politicians and businesses.

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

Buy at least $250 of another product, and take additional discounts off the price of Bumper Magnet Stickers! See below, Click here for more products including bumper stickers, magnetic stickers, and car tags.

11.5 x 3 Bumper Magnet 5-1/2 Inch Round Magnet   9x3 Magnetic Sticker   6x3.75 Magnet   Oval Magnet

Quantity 125 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000
11-1/2" x 3" Rectangle 3.80 2.56 1.80 1.43 1.26 1.00 .73
5-1/2" Round 4.68 2.86 1.91 1.46 1.29 1.01 .76
9" x 3" Rectangle 3.73 2.48 1.79 1.35 1.19 .88 .63
Each Additional Color 1.80 1.04 .59 .38 .33 .21 .13
Quantity 125 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000
6" x 3-3/4" Rectangle 3.35 2.05 1.43 1.24 1.13 .80 .56
3-3/8" x 5-3/4" Oval 3.05 2.03 1.40 1.18 .99 .78 .54
Each Additional Color 1.46 .84 .47 .30 .26 .17 .10

Bumper Sticker Magnets Bonus Discounts

1. 5% Off Recession Special off above prices.

2. Purchase minimum of 500 Bumper Stickers and get additional 5% off Bumper Sticker Magnets. Must be same style as Bumper Stickers and ordered at the same time. The 5% discount is only allowed on up to 1000 Bumper Magnets.

3. Buy another product of $250 or more and get additional 5% off 3x9 or 3x11.5 Bumper Sticker Magnets (offer limited to those two sizes only). This is in addition to the discounts listed above. It is possible to get up to a 15% discount on the above prices.

Other Sticker and Magnet Products Available:

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Magnetic stickers -- a substitute for bumper stickers. We help you create your own sticker magnet design.

Custom printed magnetic stickers are one of the hottest advertisement tools these days. Why not jump in on the action? With our custom printed magnets, have your logo, company, or product posted on fridges everywhere! Every time a fridge with your magnet is opened you'll be advertising.

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