Kwik-Ship Window Decals

These Kwik-Ship Window Decals are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are available in a variety of stock sizes and materials. Popular uses for these products include: corporate branding and advertising, fundraising, recognition and souvenirs.

Choose from white vinyl, white removable vinyl or clear polyester. White vinyl is back adhesive only. Clear polyester is available as back adhesive or as face adhesive for inside window application. Clear window decals will be supplied with back adhesive if not specified. Please specify material when ordering.

Sample Decals

Kwik Ship Customized Decal  Decal fast decal
2x2 Kwik Ship Decal 2x4 Vinyl Decal 2x4 Square Corner Decal
Rounded Corner Decal 3x4 Decal
Car Window Decals - Vinyl Decals For Any Use

Square and rectangle Window Decals are available with square or rounded corners.

Cheap Decals 125 250 500 1000 1500 2500 5000 10000
One Color 1.03 .66 .49 .32 .22 .16 .11 .07
Each Add'l Color .43 .27 .22 .13 .11 .07 .04 .02
One Color 1.25 .88 .60 .35 .25 .18 .14 .09
Each Add'l Color .83 .43 .24 .13 .10 .07 .04 .03
One Color 2.11 1.20 .72 .45 .38 .27 .22 .14
Each Add'l Color .89 .46 .26 .15 .11 .08 .05 .03
One Color 2.38 1.50 .95 .66 .54 .43 .35 .28
Each Add'l Color 1.14 .66 .39 .22 .16 .11 .07 .05

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

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For additional and larger sizes of car dealer decals:

Kwik Ship Window Decals brings you this date in history.

August 14, 1912

First double-decker bus hits NYC streets

The first double-decker bus appeared on the streets of New York on this day, travelling up and down Broadway. The double-decker originated in London as a two-story horse-drawn omnibus--anxious passengers clambered onto the roof of the omnibus during rush hour. The vehicles eventually added roof seating. Two-story buses can still be seen in the Big Apple, usually carrying a busload of tourists.

Last Phantom I is delivered

Mrs. M.S. Morrow of Whitestone, New York, had the last U.S.-built Rolls-Royce Phantom I delivered to her home on this day. Manufactured at the Rolls-Royce plant in Springfield, Massachusetts, the U.S.-built Phantom I made its debut one year after its British counterpart. It featured elegant proportions and well-engineered coachwork, suitable for the successor of the Silver Ghost--the model that earned Rolls-Royce a reputation as "the best car in the world." A total of 1,241 Phantoms were produced.

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