Customized Rectangle and Square Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins are widely used for branding reinforcement, offering high levels of repeat exposure. Other common uses for custom lapel pins include employee recognition and service awards just to name a few. Custom Lapel Pins are a must for any tradeshow event, and exchanging pins for business cards is sure to leave a lasting impression. Worn proudly, custom lapel pins act as attractive attention-getters offering high levels of repeat exposure.

We offer Lapel Pins in the following shapes: rectangular, square, round and oval.

Rectangle Lapel Pins

Rectangle Lapel Pin

1 inch x 3/4 inch Rectangle
Item #CKLP109

Product Dimensions:
1"w x 3/4"h

Imprint Area:
1"w x 3/4"h (allow 1/4" bleed)

Custom Rectangle Lapel Pin 1 inch X 9/16 inch Rectangle

1 inch X 9/16 inch Rectangle
Item #CKLP110

Product Dimensions:
1"w x 9/16"h

Imprint Area:
1"w x 9/16"h (allow 1/4" bleed)

Square Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins inch Square

1 inch Square
Item #CKLP103

Product Dimensions:
1"w x 1"h

Imprint Area:
1"w x 1"h (allow 1/4" bleed)

Custom Lapel Pins 3/4 inch Square

3/4 inch Square
Item #CKLP102

Product Dimensions:
3/4"w x 3/4"h

Imprint Area:
3/4"w x 3/4"h (allow 1/4" bleed)

US Pricing
Quantity of Lapel Pins 50 100 250 500 1000
Price per Pin $2.87 $2.14 $1.36 $1.18 $0.96

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Set Up Charge:

Exact Reorder:

Additional Imprint Color:
Four Color Process Included

Poly Bagging:
No Charge

Item Color:
Clear Outer Shell, Gold Military Clasp

Lapel Pin Back

Round and Oval Lapel Pins:

Well-made custom lapel pins represent your organization in fine fashion because they strengthen corporate identities based on distinction and quality.

Brand recognition is easily created and reinforced with lapel pins. For each product launch, custom lapel pins can relay your logo or message in a memorable way that works continually on your behalf. As others take notice, word-of-mouth marketing takes over as your message spreads. Lapel pins are also often used as an inexpensive promotion that carries a high perceived value! So whether you want to promote your brand, recognize achievement, or show your team spirit, custom lapel pins are the way to go. Because lapel pins have a high perceived value and are often thought of as jewelry, they help bolster an emotional connection between you and your customers. Custom Lapel Pins are great for Employee Relations as there is a certain sense of pride that comes with being recognized for performance and years of service. As employees grow within your organization, enhance those feelings of pride by awarding custom lapel pins to those who have excelled.

A custom lapel pin is a great way to convey your message in a unique custom presentation. Pins have helped people around the world express their message with custom made pins for years. Designing a lapel pin may seem like a hard task, but our knowledgeable design staff will work with you to come up with a finished pin that you feel proud to wear. With all the options available we are sure that you will be able to design a lapel pin that will showcase your message, look great and fit into your budget. Lapel Pins are an integral element of corporate identity. A well-made lapel pin looks great on the employees of both small firms and big corporations. A single logo or message embodied in a lapel pin strengthens the corporate spirit and adds to a company's confidence and commitment.

With custom lapel pins you can easily recognize the members and associates of prominent or public organizations, such as masonic lapel pins, anywhere, they have unique lapel pins. Lapel Pins recognize and reward achievement and success. Whether it is for years of dedicated service or just reaching a specific goal, a custom lapel pin will go a long way in building employees' pride in the company or organization. When running competitions, events or contests, giving out lapel pins to participants or fans makes the event that much more memorable.

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Custom Lapel Pins bring you this information about the history of lapel pins:

Lapel Pins were seen during the Civil War when they were given to troops on both sides in an attempt to bond units and serve as recognition. Lapel pins was one of the lasting effect of the Civil War and the use of lapel pins has become stronger as history goes forward.

Recognition lapel pins were also seen in the First and Second World Wars where their use shifted from recognition in the sense of identity to recognition in the sense of taking note of distinguishing service of troops. Lapel pins are somewhat of an American symbol with their crossing over into the civilian world.

Police and fire departments took the use of the military lapel pin to identify other members of the division or brigade and to recognize good service and attached them to their professions. From there the move to college students and then high schools is relatively obvious and once the use of pins became popular more and more groups saw them as a way to share their message and also allow people to display publicly their belief in a cause or belonging to a group. The patriotic lapel pins of the American flag has become a prominent and important lapel pin which takes on the image of the stars and stripes.