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These are not flimsy fans like the competition. Custom made hand fans are screen-printed on heavy cardboard and have a wooden or plastic handle attached. These promotional fans are made from heavy, high-quality material, better than many other materials used for fans. Choose any of our standard colors. Each hand fan is about 8" x 9", not counting the handle. Production time approx. 2 weeks.

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Stock Shapes for Custom Printed Hand Fans
Stock Shapes for Custom Printed Hand Fans

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No charge for standard colors (shown above). Additional charge for PMS Color Match.

Personalized Hand Fans

Mass Production Prices. Our cheapest priced fans can be found at: Personalized Hand Fans

We can offer a limited variety of good value hand fans at very low prices by using heavy duty 22 point heavy cardboard. These heavy duty cardboard fans will endure months of use; these are not the cheap thin fans. Shapes include the circle, bread, hourglass, square, oval, palm leaf, coat of arms and interstate sign. Wooden handle on backside is exposed.

Sample Handfans with Customized Message

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Church hand fans, political hand held fans, business hand fans. For photos and/or logos, there is an additional charge.

Made in U.S.A. label - No charge, upon request. Made in USA

Hand Fans at Low Prices

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Church hand fans, political hand held fans, business hand fans, we have the best prices.

Custom Shapes - Call for quote.

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History of hand held fans:

Fan history stretches back thousands of years. Since antiquity, fans have possessed a dual function - a status symbol and a useful ornament. In the course of their development, fans have been made of a variety of materials and have included decorative artwork. The simplest fans are leaves or flat objects, waved to produce a cooler atmosphere. These rigid or folding hand-held implements have been used for cooling, for air circulation, as a ceremonial device, and as a sartorial accessory throughout the world from ancient times. They are still widely used.

The earliest known fans are called 'screen fans' or 'fixed leaf fans'. These were manipulated by hand to cool the body, to produce a breeze, and to ward off insects. Such early fans usually took the form of palm leaves. Some of the earliest known fans have come from Egyptian tombs. Early Assyria and Egypt employed slaves and servants to manipulate the fan. In Egyptian reliefs, fans were of the rigid type. Tutankhamen's tomb possessed gold fans with ostrich feathers, matching depictions on tomb walls. Long-handled, disk-shaped fans were carried by attendants in ancient times and were associated with regal and religious ceremonies. They had handles or sticks attached to a rigid leaf or to feathers. Plumage of birds was used in fans, such as those of the Egyptians and Native American Indians, that had both practical and ceremonial uses.

In the ancient Americas, the Aztec, Maya, and South American cultures used bird feathers in their fans. Among the Aztec fans were used to depict merchants in illustrations of trades. The use of various feather types had a religious connotation. The Paracas people of South America (modern Peru) have left numerous examples of ancient feather fans among their mummies. In India, the Hindi term for a fan is 'pankha' (a derivative of "a feather" or "a bird's wing"). Pictorial evidence records that the Greeks, and the Romans used fans as cooling and ceremonial devices. In Greece, linen was stretched over leaf-shaped frames. In Rome, gilded and painted wooden fans were used. Roman ladies throughout the empire used circular fans. Chinese sources link the fan with mythical and historical characters.

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