Create your own Elementary School Bumper Sticker

We help you with your design and to create your own sticker.

First-time Customers: Take an extra 5% off the price of bumper stickers order. Reduce the price of the below table by 5% up to 2500 stickers. Create your own design. Special offer! Take another 5% off of bumper stickers when you buy $250 or more of another product. Total discount is 10% off our sticker prices with additional purchase and limited to 2500..

Order at least 500 Bumper Stickers, and get a 5% discount on Magnetic Bumper Stickers, same style, same time.

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School Bumper Stickers

Prices for School Bumper Stickers 125 250 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
6" x 4" Oval School Name
Choice of One Color on White Vinyl
3.11 1.74 1.00 .60 .48 .34 .25
HONOR STUDENT, Need Mascot name only.
Choice of Two Colors, on white background
2.05 1.22 .74 .50 .41 .31 .23
Need School Name and Mascot
Choose 2 Colors
2.72 1.56 .95 .61 .52 .40 .29
GO TEAM!, Need Mascot name only.
Choice of Two Colors, on white background
See "Go Mustangs" Example
2.72 1.56 .95 .60 .52 .39 .29
Proud Parent of an HONOR STUDENT
Chrome background, die cut
Only need your school name.
Your school name is inserted
3.56 2.15 1.37 .95 .76 .57 .43

These bumper stickers are pre-designed. Simply add your school name and/or mascot. Choose School Colors

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

We have the popular removable bumper sticker. Inspire your students to excellence by the reward of an "Honor" Sticker. We also have bumper magnets. Most bumper stickers are 3 by 11.5 inch, except the Honor Student Chrome, which is 3.75 X 11.5.

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