Real Estate Sign Frame

This standard sign frame holder is anything but standard. Made from high density plastic and reinforced with fiberglass and manufactured with a minimum of 90% recycled materials. For tree huggers, this makes this a green product.

It contains features that conventional metal frames do not have. It accepts standard 18"x24" metal blanks, up to 3mm PVC, and 4mm coroplast blanks. The screw bosses above and below accommodate top and bottom riders.

There are no piercing sharp edges, and it requires no fasteners as the sign slides in. There is no chipping paint or rust, as it is colored throughout.

Plastic Sign Frame
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Price per Each

5 $11.95
25 $9.95
50 $9.45
100 $8.55
200 Call
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Plastic Sign Stands with Top Rider

Real Estate Sign Frame

This sign frame is a popular product among real estate agents. This product is designed to not only be attractive, but with weight and shipping in mind, allowing us, the manufacturer, to ship directly to real estate sign frame retailers.

This product was developed after 21 years of experience in the retail sign industry. Our minimum order is 5 units, which helps manage your inventory while saving you money.



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