Note Low Wholesale Prices on Custom Printed Frisbees

Buy Frisbees with your custom message. Wholesale Frisbes at low prices. Buy these with your custom message and logo.

These flying saucers or frisbees are a great gift for Vacation Bible School! They are also great at company picnics for reinforcing paper plates and giving to employees to take home. Note our Special Low Prices. Give us a call 706-374-0710 for a FREE quote and to put our years of promotional and advertising experience to work for you.

An additional artwork charge of $55 which is non-refundable must be paid before work can begin. Add an additional $25 for logos and other artwork. Prices are for 1-color imprint. (Re-Orders pay additional $30 reset screen fee.)

US Pricing
Quantity Custom Printed Frisbees 200 500 1,000 2,500
9" Regular or Translucent Frisbee .94 .87 .78 .75
Sale Price thru 12/31/19 n/a .77 .75 .72

Contact us for Canadian pricing.

9 inch Frisbee with Custom Message Imprinted

9" Promotional Frisbee Flyer

Opaque Item Colors for frisbee flyer: Blue, Red, White, Black, Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange.

9 Inch Frisbee with Personalized Message

9" Promotional Translucent Frisbee Flyer

Item Colors for translucent Frisbee flyer: Translucent Green, Purple, Blue, Red.

Frisbee - Promotional Advertising, Increase Name Identification using a mini flying saucer at wholesale prices

Name identification. If people see your name on a repetitive basis, they soon learn your name and become familiar with it. After becoming familiar with your name, and you have the high recall in their mind, they become comfortable voting for you. People do not feel comfortable voting for a stranger. Increasing your Name Identification -- the most important purpose of a political advertising campaign. Use a Frisbee flyer and a cheap discount bumper sticker.

For the popular economical Frisbee in sizes 4 and 5 inches, visit Frisbee Disc

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