Flashlight with Keyring

PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Check back for updates.

This Promotional Flaslight Keychain lights up and your logo can be imprinted. These are always handy. Everytime your customer uses the Flashlight or their keys your customized message will leave a positive impression. Customized flashlight keychains feature push button switch and attached key chain.

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Flashlight Keyring

Round Flashlight with Keyring

Item #CK0619

US Pricing
Price per Flashlight


Setup Screen Charge: $55.00 (One side imprint only)
Reorder Screen Charge: $30.00

Item Colors: Silver with Translucent Black, Silver with Translucent Red, Silver with Translucent Blue, Silver with Translucent Green

Size: 1-5/8" Diameter

Imprint Area: 1-1/4" diameter (prints one-side only)

Poly Bagging: $0.07 each (recommended to minimize scuffing)

Production Time: Production time is five to seven days after proof approval on all orders of 2000 pieces/passes or less.

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Hebrews 9:1-13

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2   for a tabernacle was prepared, the first, in which was both the lamp-stand, and the table, and the bread of the presence--which is called `Holy;'

3   and after the second vail a tabernacle that is called `Holy of holies,'

4   having a golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid all round about with gold, in which is the golden pot having the manna, and the rod of Aaron that budded, and the tables of the covenant,

5   and over it cherubim of the glory, overshadowing the mercy-seat, concerning which we are not now to speak particularly.

6   And these things having been thus prepared, into the first tabernacle, indeed, at all times the priests do go in, performing the services,

7   and into the second, once in the year, only the chief priest, not apart from blood, which he doth offer for himself and the errors of the people,

8   the Holy Spirit this evidencing that not yet hath been manifested the way of the holy places , the first tabernacle having yet a standing;

9   which is a simile in regard to the present time, in which both gifts and sacrifices are offered, which are not able, in regard to conscience, to make perfect him who is serving,

10   only in victuals, and drinks, and different baptisms, and fleshly ordinances--till the time of reformation imposed upon them .

11  And Christ being come, chief priest of the coming good things, through the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands--that is, not of this creation--

12   neither through blood of goats and calves, but through his own blood, did enter in once into the holy places, age-during redemption having obtained;

13   for if the blood of bulls, and goats, and ashes of an heifer, sprinkling those defiled, doth sanctify to the purifying of the flesh,