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Promotional products are the key to many effective advertising campaigns.

Promotional Ideas

The development of modern advertising drew heavily on psychological theories about how to create subjects, enabling advertising and marketing to take on a more clearly psychological tinge. Increasingly, the emphasis in advertising has switched from providing factual information to the symbolic connotations of commodities, since the crucial cultural premise of advertising is that the material object being sold is never in itself enough. Even those commodities providing for the most mundane necessities of daily life must be imbued with symbolic qualities and culturally endowed meanings via the magic system of business advertising. In this way and by altering the context in which promotional idea advertisement products appear, things can be made to mean just about anything and the same things can be endowed with different intended meanings for different individuals and groups of people, thereby offering mass produced visions of individualism. As such, representations of the consumer are a necessary component of the existence of markets. Consequently, contemporary capitalism could not function and could not exist as they do without advertising. Business advertising products sell the image.

Advertising Campaign

Consumers are susceptible to influence via advertising campaign precisely because, as a result of their locations in specific social structures, they have and can only have imperfect and partial knowledge of commodities and markets. This creates space for companies actively to seek to change or create consumer tastes and cultivate preferences for new products. Moreover, advertising practice constantly problematises the entire notion of specific products and constitutes a set of technologies for attempting both to de-stabilise markets and then to institutionalise them around new, strategically calculated product definitions'. In an environment in which markets and products are continuously and dynamically changing advertising focuses on exploiting these environmental conditions, creating variations between product concepts as a means to configure both consumer demand and competitive market structures. This powerfully emphasizes the way in which advertising practices and products can be central to the re-definition of markets via re-creating the intended meanings of commodities as advertising signs and symbols are progressively de-coupled from specific commodities and so to the prosecution of destabilizing market disturbing strategies of strong competition. A well thought out advertising campaign with promotional tools is key to promotion.

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