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Displaying Lawn Signs,
House Signs; Billboards

The campaign lawn signs are one of the cheapest and most important forms of advertising. One well placed yard sign on a high traffic road can be seen by several hundred people in just one hour. Several thousand people a day can see this one well placed sign. One sign, at a very low cost, can impact several thousand people a day. A few well placed campaign yard signs will drive your name in the brain of thousands of people in a community. For this reason, a lawn sign from the printer is one of the cheapest and most effective means of advertising, they win elections.

Lawn Signs
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Lawn signs can give your measure visibility, improve name recognition, and signal to the public and the press that your campaign is gaining strength, neighborhood by neighborhood. Yard signs can also help generate awareness and enthusiasm in key precincts.

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Before you print and post any lawn signs, make sure you understand the local laws and regulations governing political signs:

* What are the size limitations?
* Where can signs be posted (yards, houses, public spaces, etc.)?
* When can signs be posted?
* When must they be removed?
* What disclaimer is required?

Your signs can be distributed to willing supporters by volunteer precinct captains or walkers throughout your community. When supporters are identified through the phone or walk program, ask them whether they are willing to post a lawn/house sign. The volunteer who identifies the supporter must make sure the sign is distributed in a timely manner. Carefully evaluate your volunteer resources before launching a sign program. If you don't have enough volunteers to identify supporters and deliver signs, printing costs will be wasted.

Signs can also be posted in public spaces by a sign company for a fee. Make sure the company understands the local signage rules (i.e., when and where political signs can be posted.) And be sure that the company is responsible for removing the signs once the election is over.

With respect to yard sign design, make sure your signs are easy to read by the driver of a passing car; keep the design and colors simple but eye-catching; send one clear message. yard signs

Billboards are also a useful albeit pricey way to increase name identification. Make sure to check into availability early.


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Lawn Sign Printer brings you this lesson in American history:

September 12, 1777

Congress receives news of defeat at Brandywine

On this day in 1777, the Continental Congress receives a letter from Continental Army General George Washington informing them of the Patriot defeat at Brandywine, Pennsylvania.

On the afternoon of the previous day, British Generals Sir William Howe and Charles Cornwallis had launched a full-scale attack on General George Washington and the Patriot outpost at Brandywine Creek near Chadds Ford, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on the road linking Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Howe and Cornwallis spilt their 18,000 British troops into two separate divisions with Howe leading an attack from the front and Cornwallis circling around and attacking from the right flank. The morning had provided the British troops with cover from a dense fog, so General Washington was unaware the British had split into two divisions and was caught off guard by the oncoming British attack.

Although the Americans were able to slow the advancing British, they were soon faced with the possibility of being surrounded. Surprised and outnumbered by the 18,000 British troops to his 11,000 Continentals, Washington ordered his troops to abandon their posts and retreat. Defeated, the Continental Army marched north and camped at Germantown, Pennsylvania. The British abandoned their pursuit of the Continentals and instead began the British occupation of Philadelphia. Congress, which had been meeting in Philadelphia, fled first to Lancaster, then to York, Pennsylvania, and the British took control of the city without Patriot opposition.

The one-day battle at Brandywine cost the Americans more than 1,100 men killed or captured while the British lost approximately 600 men killed or injured. To make matters worse, the Patriots were also forced to abandon most of their cannon to the British victors after their artillery horses fell in battle.

Upon receiving the news of the American defeat, members of Congress began sending orders to their state representatives in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania asking them to dispatch reinforcements to join Washington's beleaguered Continental Army