Real Estate Signs, use with wooden or steel stakes.

These Imperial real estate yard signs are made by printing on one side of two signs. A wooden or metal stake is mounted between the two signs. The realtor signs are mounted on the stake using two plastic wing nuts. The ends of the signs will be glued together unless you specify otherwise. These are custom printed with your unique personal design at commercial discounted prices.

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Alternative Realtor Sign:
Printed Signs that are inserted into a frame
Real Estate Yard Signs

18" x 24" Double-Faced Yard Signs
Quantity 1-Color 2-Color
5 20.96 24.86
10 14.13 15.65
25 9.14 10.10
50 7.29 7.96
100 6.36 6.99
250 Call Call
500 Call Call

Real Estate Signs

24" x 24" Double-Faced Yard Signs
Quantity 1-Color 2-Color
5 23.22 26.33
10 16.95 19.50
25 9.65 11.41
50 8.38 9.32
100 8.00 8.51
250 Call Call
500 Call Call

12" x 24" Directional Real Estate Signs - Printed on both sides of one piece of plastic sign. Call for 2 pieces glued.
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
25 7.43 8.76
50 4.20 5.35
100 2.70 3.72
250 1.82 2.40
500 1.59 2.24


Directional Sign

18" x 24" Directional Real Estate Signs - Printed on both sides of one piece of plastic sign. Call for 2 pieces glued.
Quantity 1 color 2 colors
15 Call Call
25 7.69 9.38
50 4.80 5.96
100 2.95 3.99
250 2.24 2.99
500 1.98 2.32


Real Estate Signs

6" x 18" Real Estate Sign Riders, 1 color, two sided. Cheap Prices
10 $5.95
25 $4.15
50 $2.99
Real Estate Name Rider
Name Rider 6" x 18" or 6" x 24"
6" x 24" Real Estate Sign Name Riders, 1 color, two sided
10 $6.33
25 $4.45
50 $3.15
T-bar real estate sign stake
T-bar Steel Stakes: $8.45 each
Nylon Washered Wing Nut Nylon Washered Wing Nut
Nylon Washered Wing Nuts: 43 cents each

Real Estate Key Fobs

Strategic real estate sign riders placement in highly traveled areas will quickly raise your name recognition and familiarity. A person seeing a multitude of cheap real estate yard signs on a repetitive basis can significantly raise consciousness of your business in the minds of people. Use signs to help drill your name into their minds.

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