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Your friend's car can be changed into an advertising moving billboard. Custom Bumper stickers are cheap advertising for politicians and businesses. A great internet solution for temporary needs, yet durable and long lasting too! These are easier to remove than regular stickers. No more worry about leaving a sticky residue on your car! Choose from among two different shapes and sizes.

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

Inexpensive Internet Prices

For the below table prices are per sticker and are based on one standard colors on white vinyl. For pricing of additional colors, see table just below the one color pricing table.


Internet Bumper Stickers
Internet Bumper Stickers
Cheap Internet Bumper Stickers Custom Made
Cheap Custom Made Bumper Stickers


Internet Bumper Stickers
Size - One Color
11.5" x 3"
11.5" x 3.75"
7.5" x 3.75"

Add a second color. The below table provides cost per additional standard second ink color. Price is per bumper sticker.

Custom Bumper Sticker Internet Bumper Stickers

Please identify repeat orders.

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Add a second color. The below table provides cost per additional standard second ink color. Price is per bumper sticker.

Bumper Sticker Internet Bumper Stickers

Cost for Second Color Bumper Sticker 125 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000

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Express Service - Print Bumper Stickers in 3 days

Our most popular bumper sticker product that we make is our 3 Day Express. This is a special priced bumper sticker that is discount priced. This discount special is limited to our two most popular sizes, 3 x 11.5 inches, and 3.75 x 11.5 inches. It is further limited to our most popular colors of green, yellow, red, blue and black. We can print and ship in approximately 3 working days after proof approval. We can type set it for you, or you can send it in ready to go. This mass production special comes in either one- or two-color print. This is well priced, and a very hot product.

Available Standard Colors for Special 3 Day Bumper Stickers

Color Palate

For a greater variety of sizes and colors, we can do any color, or custom print to any size, please visit:
Cheap Bumper Stickers

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More products, more sizes, transparent, and school specials. We can custom make any size. For a menu of additional information and more related products,
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Bumper Stickers Magnet Discount

Bumper Sticker Bonus Discount. Order at least 500 Bumper Stickers, and get a 5% discount on Magnetic Bumper Stickers, same style, same time. Make your own bumper sticker.

Magnetic Bumper sticker - a substitute for political bumper stickers. We help you create your own sticker magnet design.

Bumper magnetic signs and political bumper sticker add Power and for real punch to your campaign, put a lot of them out at one time. This takes organization, and getting a lot of people together on one weekend! The effects of political advertising is profound.


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