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Campaign election signs are one of the most important forms of election advertising. One well placed lawn sign on a high traffic road can be seen by several hundred people in just one hour. Several thousand people a day can see this one well placed sign. One sign, at a very low cost, can impact several thousand people a day. A few well placed campaign signs will drive your name in the memory of thousands of people in a community. For this reason, a lawn sign is one of the cheapest and most effective means of advertising, they win elections.

Purposes of Political Lawn Signs

Name identification. If people see your name on a repetitive basis, they soon learn your name and become familiar with it. After becoming familiar with your name, and you have the high recall in their mind, they become comfortable voting for you. People do not feel comfortable voting for a stranger.

Campaign Yard Signs

Election Yard Sign Campaign

Posting your yard sign in areas where you have high levels of support will serve to reinforce your name and remind people to vote. A well done lawn sign campaign can cause the feeling that everybody is for you and will also scare and intimidate the opponent.

Placing them in yards will also serve as an endorsement of your campaign. Several yard signs in a community creates a lot of visible support and makes others think you are a popular candidate. For that reason, a candidate should concentrate on putting yard signs on busy streets and highways.

A last minute flurry of yard signs reinforces your whole campaign. A well designed yard sign will greatly raise your name identification, will increase your familiarity with voters, will remind people to vote for you, and will intimidate the opposition.

If you have problems with people tearing down your sign in high traffic areas, try using a step ladder and nailing them up high in trees or telephone poles. They will not tear down your yard signs unless they also have a step ladder, and most people don't have that in the trunk of their car.

Increasing your Name Identification -- the most important purpose of a yard campaign sign.

Strategic sign placement in high traffic areas will quickly raise your name recognition and familiarity. A person seeing a multitude of lawn signs on a repetitive basis can significantly raise consciousness of your campaign in the minds of people. Use signs to help get out the vote. On the weekend before the election, get a large number of yard signs in high traffic areas.

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Free Speech - Lawn Signs and Bumper Stickers

Frequently asked questions cases & resources Overview By David L. Hudson Jr. First Amendment Center research attorney

Many people like to express their support for a political candidate with a lawn sign. Sometimes this form of freedom of expression conflicts with a city law banning or limiting the time in which political signs may be displayed. The question becomes whether such city laws infringe upon citizens rights; and perhaps the candidates First Amendment rights. Some city officials claim that putting limits on cheap yard signs furthers a variety of state interests, including aesthetics and traffic safety. However, opponents of such regulations counter that lawn signs, unlike perhaps large billboards too close to public streets, do not in any way reduce traffic safety. They also contend that aesthetic interests pale in comparison to the importance of political speech expressed in campaign signs.

In 1994, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Missouri city law prohibiting lawn signs at private residences. Margaret Gilleo ran afoul of the law when she placed a 24-by-36-inch sign in her front lawn with the words, “Say No to War in the Persian Gulf, Call Congress Now” and an 8.5 -by-11-inch sign in the second-story window of her home that read, “For Peace in the Gulf.” A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rejected the ordinance in City of Ladue v. Gilleo, writing that residential yard signs were “a venerable means of communication that is both unique and important.”

Governments limiting the use of real estate yard signs, and political bumper stickers are going beyond what our founding fathers intended.
Publish the Truth with Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs.